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Silence your opponents by 3 things

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Imaam Ahmad (rahimahullaah) approved of what was related from Haatim Al-Asam, when it was said to him:

“You are a non-Arab and do not speak eloquently, yet no one debates you, except that you silence him. So with what do you gain victory over your opponents?”

So he responded: “By three things:

I become happy when my opponent speaks correctly (on a point).

I become grieved when he errs.

And I withhold my tongue from him, lest I should say something that would harm him” – or something with this meaning –

so Ahmad (rahimahullaah) said: “How wise of a man he is.”

Source: The Difference between Advising and Condemning (1/10) Of the Imaam, the Haafidh Zayn-ud-Deen Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbalee (rahimahullaah)

Arabic Text:

وقد استحسن الإمام أحمد (رحمه الله) ما حكي عن حاتم الأصم أنه قيل له:

أنت رجل أعجمي لا تفصح وما ناظرك أحد إلا قطعته فبأي شيء تغلب خصمك؟

فقال بثلاث:

أفرح إذا أصاب خصمي

وأحزن إذا أخطأ

وأحفظ لساني عنه أن أقول له ما يسوؤه أو معنى هذا

فقال أحمد(رحمه الله) : (ما أعقله من رجل) .

الفرق بين النصيحة والتعيير تصنيف ( 1/10) للإمام الحافظ زين الدين ابن رجب الحنبلي (رحمه الله)


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