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الدعوة السلفيه عقيدة ومنهج علي فهم السلف الصالح

Answering Allegations

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Allegations Against Islam – Answered

Addressing the fallacies harboured by certain non-Muslims about social issues, the Islamic Treasure team expounds in a crystal-clear manner the Islamic standpoint vis-à-vis those issues, and redresses the misrepresentations circulated about the righteous religion of Islam.

Islam is a religion which attacks nobody but is capable of defending itself. Recently, Islam has been the target of ferocious attacks, implying that it is the new enemy to be fought after the fall of  communism. These biased allegations rely upon take the abnormal behavior of a small group of Muslims and generalize it on almost a billion Muslims living in various parts of the world.

The truth of Islam is as clear as the sun. But even then, some ignore this truth and try to mislead the others into ignoring it. To these and others, this website Islamic Treasure, which looks simple, albeit being deep in its meaning, is addressed.



  1. Was Islam a Revelation of Allah?
  2. (Religion Demystified) – [Part 1] – Demystifying Religion in True sense.
  3. (Religion Demystified) – [Part 2] – Refuting the false and wrong informations given by Agniveer
  4. (Religion Demystified) – [Part 3] – Response to points raised about Eastern/Miscellaneous religion
  5. Allah Shapeless or Limited




  1. Refutation Series I: Muslim Women are Dirty Polluting Creatures
  2. Refutation Series II: Women are inferior, slave to men
  3. Refutation Series III: Muslim women are sex objects for enjoyment
  4. Refutation Series IV: Muslim Men can Capture Infidel Women as Sex Slave Booty



Written by islamictreasure

07/11/2010 at 3:25 PM

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