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Prophet Dawud – The One with a Beautiful Voice

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As for Allaah’s saying: {O you mountains. Glorify (Allaah) with him! And you birds (also)!} (Qur’an 34:10).

The birds also used to glorify Allaah’s praises with him. If a bird flew by him and heard him chanting the Zabur, it would not go away; instead it would stay hovering in the air, glorifying Allaah along with him. And the lofty mountains would respond to him and echo his glorification of Allaah.

[Source: Tafseer Ibn Katheer, Daar at-Tayyibah, (7/57)]

As for Allaah’s saying: {We subjected the mountains to give glory with him in the evening and at sunrise.} (Qur’an 38:18).

Ibn ‘Abbas, Mujahid and others said: Allaah had granted David good voice, that whenever he recite his Book (i.e. Zabur), the birds stopped in the air echoing with him and glorifying Allaah with him. The mountains as well joined him in praise and glorification of Allaah, every morning and every evening.

Awzaa’i said: Abdullaah bin ‘Aamir informed me, saying: David was given such a beautiful voice that no one had ever been granted before. Even the birds and wild animals would join him.

[Source: Qasaas al-Anbiya, (2/267-268)]

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